QA Webinar 3 - CORRECTIVE ACTION  (approx 2 hrs)
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The Quality Assurance Webinar taught by the same people who taught the inspectors; at Transport Canada, the inspectors at NASA's Kennedy Space Center and the inspectors of the U.S. DoD. This webinar will enlighten you as to what a good QA system should look like, why you should implement it and what the Regulator will be looking for in YOUR organization's QA system under current requirements. 
Course tuition includes access to Webinar, and up to 4 hours consultation over thirty days following class.

Topics Include:

  • Investigation
  • Brainstorming
  • 5 Whys
  • Fishbone Diagram
  • More....

Webinar will last approx 2+ hours. Questions will be answered live during the webinar and also for up to 30 days past the event.

In the notes section please inform us if you are purchasing 2 of the three Webinars and we will automatically reserve a seat in the third. 

All Pricing is in U.S. dollars!

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QA Webinar 3 - CORRECTIVE ACTION (approx 2 hrs)

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